07 Feb 2022

Cooperation Agreement Between ISEE-HSP & NGO MDPSH

On December 9th, 2019, a memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the NGO MDPSH and the Institute of Southeast Europe for Health and Social Policy.


This agreement aims to provide health services, including the development of support programs, trainings and researches, focusing on possible methods for social inclusion of children with disabilities in society. The Round Table on “The Present and Future of the Health Information System (HIS) in Kosovo” was the inaugural event of this collaboration. This roundtable was quite beneficial in discussing the necessity for an information system in Kosovo as well as the problems that may be encountered, where each speaker and participant had the chance to demonstrate his / her skills and professionalism on this subject. We appreciate everyone’s involvement and support in making this roundtable a success. A special appreciation goes to FES, without whom this project would not have been feasible.