02 Apr 2022

5-day Hybrid Training related to the SIAHDPC Project

From March 28 to April 1, 2022, Heimerer College and the Institute of Southeast Europe for Health and Social Policy co-hosted a 5-day hybrid training for teachers and the student management team, of the SIAHDPC (Student-run interdisciplinary allied health digital practice centre) project. The main objectives of this activity were to increase the competencies of teachers in relation to pedagogical approaches based on digital technologies and to further develop the competencies of teachers in the integration of Digitalization and Entrepreneurship Education in our curricula.

In parallel, existing capacities for tools and knowledge to implement digitalization processes and technologies in the future were investigated further. This training was provided by relevant experts / professors in digitalization, social sciences and health from JAMK University and Metropolia University, Finland, and Martin Luther Halle-Wittenberg University and Univations, Germany. In each training day, participants had the opportunity to discuss, work and further develop five key competencies, which will be integrated into current and new curricula, namely:

  • Interprofessional Cooperation, ICT and Digital Competencies,
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Grounded Practice in evidence,
  • User Involvement,
  • and Person-centered Access according to project work packages 3 and 4.

Beneficiaries of this training were teachers from Heimerer College and the rest of the project consortium members from Kosovo: Southeast European Institute for Health and Social Policy, Digital Clinic, Kadri Zeka University and RIT Kosovo.