20 Apr 2022

Workshop related to “Integrated Health Services” project

Today, on April 20, 2022, in the framework of the project “Integrated Health Services”, funded by the Swiss Government and implemented by the Swiss Institute of Public Health, a workshop / seminar was held within this project in order to consolidate a communication platform between the SHSHI project and civil society organizations mainly with scope in the health sector. The project “Integrated Health Services” is a technical assistance of the Swiss Government and aims to support hospital health care in Kosovo in order to overcome some of the challenges facing the health system, especially in relation to chronic (non-transmitted) diseases.


Furthermore, this project aims to “contribute to Kosovo in the development of a sustainable health system, which provides quality, is affordable and will provide integrated care for patients with non-infectious diseases (chronic diseases)”. This goal aims to be achieved by intervening (1) in the hospital level of health service delivery, (2) in coordinating these services between the primary and hospital level; and (3) improving the policy framework that should guide integrated health services by placing the patient at its center.


The workshop held today between civil society stakeholders aimed to:

  • Common understanding on the concept of the Integrated Health Care project with key stakeholders;
  • Building an institutional dialogue with the main stakeholders of KSHI;
  • Initiate a participatory approach in the planning process for the implementation phase of KSHI;
  • Identify priorities and support areas in relation to the three outcomes identified by KSHI;
  • Identify activities for the three outcomes identified by KSHI.


Furthermore, it was discussed about vulnerable groups and their challenges in terms of access and quality of services for Non-Transmittable Diseases in QKMF and Hospital Service and what contribution civil society organizations can provide/ give in addressing and improving the current situation.