14 Jun 2022

Training of health professionals in the framework of Covid-19 project

In the framework of the project “Covid 19 – Updating and sustainable improvement of patient / staff safety and hospital hygiene in Kosovo” supported by the German Government, a series of trainings are being conducted, funded by Heimerer College and in the premises of this institution.

The first two groups, comprised of 40 health professionals, doctors, and nurses, participated in trainings that were accredited by the Kosovo Chamber of Physicians (KCP) with 16 credit points for active participation and 11 credit points for passive participation, and the Kosovo Chamber of Nurses (KCN) with 10 credit points for active participation and 8 credit points for passive participation.

These trainings will be offered regularly by international and local trainers every day until June 22, 2022 and their mission is to train 400 health workers and disseminating the most effective management practices and policies that provide continuous updating and improvement of hospital hygiene, safety of staff and health personnel.