Our Values

Our innovative team is composed of experts and field professionals of various backgrounds. Diversity is our core pillar which holds our values and beliefs in building a healthy society through highly innovative health institutions and civic activism.

About our Institute

The Institute of South-East Europe for Health and Social Policy is a scientific, independent, and non-profit organization with the experience in supporting development and strengthening health and nursing sciences in the area of South East Europe by cooperating, coordinating, and supporting its activities with other university institutions operating in this field. It is also jointly responsible to support Practical Development and Evaluation (IPE) for project management. The Institute of South-East Europe for Health and Social Policy intends to achieve its mission through the following principles:

  • Consulting and scientifically cooperating with public or private organizations based on already identified needs and agreements;
  • Promoting research activities and facilitating collaboration between research institutions of Health and Nursing Sciences within SEE;
  • Organizing trainings with the various thematic scientific character or qualification,
  • Helping clients to improve the outcomes, quality, efficiency and effectiveness of their healthcare operation and system;
  • Developing capability within healthcare and educational organizations which enable sustainable and continuous improvements in healthcare.