We consider it as essential to respect and appreciate differences in ethnicity, gender, age, physical abilities, education and religion amongst individuals of the organisation. We all contribute with diverse perspectives, experience, knowledge and culture.


Our approach to our work is collegial and cooperative, and our research is interdisciplinary. We work across sectors and academic disciplines to maximize the quality, value and reach of our work.


Credibility and trust are central to our mission. We are committed to the highest standards of scientific rigor and to maintaining transparent and ethical funding, research, partnerships, services and professional affiliations


We are here to provide value to society by serving policymakers, practitioners, communities and students and by advancing health and social equity.


What actually characterizes our institution is being sustainable. For 14 years we have managed to keep our work consistent in supporting the advancement and promotion of health and social policy while rationally utilizing existing resources.


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Our research projects consist of real data conducted in Kosovo and the region.

Our partners

For more than a decade, our work has been highly valued by various international and national
partners of different profiles.

Our team

Erza Preteni
Erza Preteni
Public Relations

Erza Preteni completed her basic studies in the field of Speech and Language Therapy at Heimerer College. Currently she is pursuing a degree in psychology at the University of Prishtina.  Erza was previously engaged in the marketing department at Heimerer College, and now she is engaged as a PR at ISEE-HSP.

Altina Bimbashi
Altina Bimbashi
Research Associate

Altina Bimbashi has a bachelor’s degree in the field of Speech and Language Therapy. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Cognitive Neuropsychology at  CITY College, University of York Europe Campus.  Altina was previously engaged as a research assistant at Heimerer College, where she currently also serves as an external research associate. While at ISEE-HSP, she is engaged as a research associate.

Riaz Agahi
Riaz Agahi
Research Associate

Riaz Agahi has an MSci degree in Chemistry from Imperial College London and a PhD in Chemistry from University of Edinburgh. His PhD research was focused on developing new, environmentally friendly synthetic methodology and examining the underlying mechanism. He has worked in Heimerer College since 2019, and has worked in teams developing research projects in the areas of public and global health, as well as medical laboratory science.

Shegë Bahtiri
Shegë Bahtiri
Programme Officer for Academic Research

Shegë Bahtiri is the Programme Coordinator for Research at ISEE-HSP. She has a Master’s degree in psychology from Lund University, and a Bachelor’s degree from University of Prishtina. Shegë was previously a policy research associate at UNDP, and before that she served at the Executive Director at Sbunker.

Miradije Krasniqi
Miradije Krasniqi
Research Assistant

Miradije Krasniqi completed her basic studies at Heimerer College in the field of Speech Therapy. She attends numerous symposiums, congresses, and workshops, mainly in the medical and social fields. Currently she is working as a research assistant at the Vice-Rector for Research at Heimerer College.

Dr. rer. medic. Petrit Beqiri
Dr. rer. medic. Petrit Beqiri
Executive Director

Dr. Petrit Beqiri obtained his PhD at the Martin Luther University, Germany. Mr. Beqiri has a wide professional knowledge in various fields of health and management. He was a lecturer and researcher at two prominent universities in Germany: Technical University of Munich and Martin Luther University. Currently, he is lecturer at the Higher School of Applied Sciences, Munich. After his hard work in advancing higher education in Kosovo and southeastern Europe through international institutional cooperation, he founded “Network of Southeast Europe for development of health and nursing”. Mr. Beqiri has led dozens of national and internationals projects and he has authored many papers and scientific articles. Under his supervision, many symposiums and international scientific conferences have been organized. He has a long experience in healthcare consulting and he also teaches training courses and seminars in this filed. Mr. Beqiri had used his advisory activities and his managerial skills for the establishment of German- Albanian magazine and he has founded associations with education character.

Dardan Bekaj
Dardan Bekaj
Programme Officer for Policy Research

Mr. Bekaj holds a degree of Master of Arts in International Affairs at Milano School of International Affairs (The New School) which is a distinctive program combining international affairs, economic development studies, as well as human studies such as global justice, human rights, and sustainability. As for his undergrad studies, he holds a Bachelor Degree of Science in Management and Public Policy at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

In addition, he has significant experience in governmental and non-governmental organizations that enables him to have wide and diverse understanding on how the institutional and civil society actors coordinate and work on important socio-economic and political issues that concern citizens of Kosovo.