16 Mar 2020

Dr. rer. medic. Petrit Beqiri

Dr. Petrit Beqiri obtained his PhD at the Martin Luther University, Germany. Mr. Beqiri has a wide professional knowledge in various fields of health and management. He was a lecturer and researcher at two prominent universities in Germany: Technical University of Munich and Martin Luther University. Currently, he is lecturer at the Higher School of Applied Sciences, Munich. After his hard work in advancing higher education in Kosovo and southeastern Europe through international institutional cooperation, he founded “Network of Southeast Europe for development of health and nursing”. Mr. Beqiri has led dozens of national and internationals projects and he has authored many papers and scientific articles. Under his supervision, many symposiums and international scientific conferences have been organized. He has a long experience in healthcare consulting and he also teaches training courses and seminars in this filed. Mr. Beqiri had used his advisory activities and his managerial skills for the establishment of German- Albanian magazine and he has founded associations with education character.