11 Sep 2023

Agenda of the 14-th International Conference of Health Sciences


Theme: Transforming Healthcare Through Innovation and Evidence-Based  Research: New frontiers in Health Sciences

Date: September 23, 2023

Start time: 9:00 AM

Location: Klan Arena, Prishtina, Kosovo

Main hall: Majlinda


9:00  Prof. Ass. Dr. Petrit Beqiri – CEO and co-founder of  Heimerer College Confirmed
9:10 Prof. Ass. Dr. Naime Brajshori, Rector- Heimerer College Confirmed
9:20 Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Johann Behrens – Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg Confirmed
Our Nurses. Our Future
9:40 Scoping review in socially assistive robots for social prescribing PhD. Cand. Erza Selmani – Martin Luther University Confirmed
10:00 Implementation of a nurse practitioner role in inpatient surgery: A mixed-methods study in a pre-post design  Prof. Dr. Christoph von Dach – Bern University of Applied Sciences Confirmed
10:20 Task shifting in the Swiss health care system  Dr. Sc. Christian Eisler – Bern University Confirmed
10:40 SUSWELL Project MSc. Margarita Van Dijk- Heimerer College

PhD. Paul Beenen -Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Speech and Language therapists’ role in critical care and emergency medicine
11:00 Speech Language Therapy in Europe  Norma Camilleri, Chair of European Speech and Language Therapy Association (ESLA) Confirmed


11:20 Understanding Aphasia and Dysarthria: A brief Overview of Neurogenic Language and Speech Pathologies Dr. Lorinda Kwan-Chen – Education University of Hong Kong Confirmed


11:40 The establishment of NGO “Zë” with the aim of advocating the field of speech therapy and therapeutic services in Kosovo Lekë Gjurgjiali- Executive Director of NGO “Zë” Confirmed
12:00 Field-Test of the Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System (AEPS) for Infants and Children-Third Edition in Kosovo Dr. Lema Kabashi-University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Confirmed


Session break
Biomarkers in Aging Related Diseases
13:20 Reversing the aging process Prof. ass. Bruno Jesus – Aveiro University Confirmed
13:40 The thin line between love and hate: the role of iron and hepcidin in human aging Assoc. prof. Artur Slomka – Nicoluas Coopernicus University Confirmed
14:00 The importance of IgG N- glycans in age-related diseases. Prof. asoc. Kujtim Thaci – Massachusetts General Hospital-Harvard Medical School Confirmed
14:20 The use of artificial intelligence in gastrointestinal endoscopy for tumor diagnosis, a literature review Dr. Leutrim Shabani – University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” Confirmed
Poster Presentation session
NCDs and public health: Current developments and approaches
15:00  Kosovo Non-Communicable Disease Cohort (KOSCO) study Dr. Sc. Ariana Bytyci Katanolli -Scientific Research Consultant at the Accessible Quality Healthcare
(AQH) project, Kosovo.
15:20 Communication with clients, a neglected service in public health institutions Prof. Ass. Dr. Bernard Tahirbegolli – National Sports Medicine Center of Kosovo  Confirmed
15:40 Diagnostic performance of biomarkers and IOTA SR in early detection of ovarian cancer MD. Tefta Isufaj Haliti – Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology, UCCK, Prishtina, Kosovo.

Faculty of Medicine, University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”
16:00   Presentation as part of the Innovation, Care and Robots (ICR) project
Mental health: Challenges and interventions
16:20 Prevalence and determinants of anxiety and depression in parents of children with hemato-oncological diseases in UCCK Prof. Ass. Dr. Nazmie Ibishi Musliu – Clinic of Psychiatry, UCCK, Prishtina, Kosovo Confirmed
16:40 Cyberchondria, Depression, Anxiety and Stress in Dardania During the Covid-19  Pandemic Prof. Ass. Dr. Diedon Dorambari – Heimerer College Confirmed
17:00 A new injury prevention program “FUNBALL” improves cognitive performance of young football players: A cluster- randomized controlled trial PhD. Cand. Ass. Rina Meha – Saarland University Confirmed
17:20 Effectiveness of the  “DOVE CONFIDENT ME: 5 SESSION WORKSHOP SERIES FOR BODY CONFIDENCE” among Adolescents in Kosovo. MA. Thëllëzë Kastrati Kabashi – University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” Confirmed




Poster Presentations Presenters
Affinity for assistive technology, and interest in future training among Kosovar nurses Endrit Nimani, Aulona Bimbashi-Osmani, Albin Pllana, Elvedina Pllana,

Fedrie Berisha, Erëza Krasniqi, Dafine Sadriu, Petrit Beqiri, Erza Selmani

Knowledge and expectations towards the role of the advanced nurse (ANP) in  the hospital environment in Kosovo Ali Ajeti, Ardita Ismajli, Astrit Behrami, Djellza Zenelaj, Kaltrina Zeka, Naime Brajshori, Klara Cahani
Knowledge and Barriers to Palliative Care among Primary Care Health Professionals Edona Uka Gjota, Hanife Beka Berisha, Lumni Berisha, Ajnure Xhoni, Egzona Berisha,

Erma Rogova, Rrezarta Gashi, Petrit Beqiri, Diedon Dorambari, Altina Bimbashi

Evaluation of the Quality of Health Services for Patients with Hepatitis B at the Infectious Clinic in SHSKUK   Saranda Raci, Fitim Havolli, Fisnik Neziri, Dren Tolaj and Qendresa Ajvazi
Prevalence of adolescent eating disorders and psychosocial risk factors Arbesa Ahmeti, Besarta Sadiku, Blerina Leka, Buleza Hakiu, Lindita Spahiu, Rina Meha
Words Usage, Affect, And Emotional Regulation in Healthy Individuals and Individuals with Chronic Diseases Albina Recica, Blerina Shala, Drita Kamberi, Leandra Xhambazi, Merita Gashi,

Sevdije Dellova, Margarita Vandijk, Elina Morina

Assessing Vocal Function in Kosovar Pre-primary and Primary School Teachers: Gender,  Lifestyle, and Health Factors Muljaim Kacka, Erza Preteni, Erletë Rexhepi, Jonida Shabani, Marigonë Hyseni,

Melinda Xhemajli, Mirgena Preniqi, Mirsije Isufi

Retrospective Study on the Antimicrobial Resistance Spectrum of Uropathogens in the Region of the Republic of Kosovo Iliriana Alloqi-Tahirbegolli, Agim Osmani, Mendim Shatri, Arta Bytyqi, Aida Morina, Edona Dezdari 
The dynamics of the level of Sars CoV-2 IgG antibodies in vaccinated patients in a period of more than 1 year in Kosovo, as well as the difference between age groups Shkumbin Vehapi, Ilir Avdyli, Ramush Mahmutaj, Blerim Bajgora, Jeton Ademi, Liridona Adili-Osmani
Presence of macroprolactin in the adult population of Kosovo Mentor Kurshumliu, Iliria Ibrahimi, Altina Zeka-Haxhijaha, Shegë Bahtiri, Riaz Agahi