04 Oct 2023

The 14th International Conference of Health Sciences on: Transforming Health Sciences Through Innovation and Evidence-Based Research: New Frontiers in Health Sciences

On September 22-23rd, we had the privilege of hosting the 14th edition of the Health Sciences Conference, organized by the Institute of Southeast Europe for Health and Social Policy in collaboration with Heimerer College. The theme of this year’s conference was “Transforming Health Sciences Through Innovation and Evidence-Based Research: New Frontiers in Health Sciences,” and it was a resounding success.

Spanning over two enriching days from September 22nd to 23rd, the conference was a testament to the dedication of health science professionals worldwide.

Day 1: Commencing with a workshop of paramount importance, orchestrated by the lab technician deanery of Heimerer College. The workshop, titled “Avoiding possible errors during laboratory work,” was expertly led by two prominent figures in the field: Mr. Mentor Kurshumliu, a local expert, and Mr. Artur Slomka, an international expert from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Poland. Their insights left an indelible mark.This workshop provided an exceptional opportunity to enhance laboratory skills and make a meaningful contribution to the excellence of scientific research.



Day 2: The main event brought together researchers from diverse health-related fields. This edition featured five insightful sessions, ten engaging poster presentations, and a diverse group of over 20 presenters from around the globe. The impact of their presence was profound. These experts, hailing from Hong-Kong, Portugal, Germany, Finland and America, shared their groundbreaking research and findings to an audience of nearly 400 participants. Their contributions are catalyzing positive change in the field of health through innovative and evidence-based approaches. Let us delve deeper into these illuminating sessions, accompanied by the esteemed names of our distinguished speakers:


Introductory remarks by Prof. Ass. Dr. Petrit Beqiri – CEO and co-founder of  Heimerer College and Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Johann Behrens – Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

Session 1: Our Nurses. Our Future.

Speakers: PhD. Cand. Erza Selmani, Prof. Dr. Christoph von Dach, Dr. Sc. Christian Eisler, MSc. Margarita Van Dijk and PhD. Paul Beenen.


Session 2: Speech and Language therapists’ role in critical care and emergency medicine.
Speakers: Norma Camilleri, Norma Camilleri, Lekë Gjurgjiali and Dr. Lema Kabashi.


Session 3: Biomarkers in Aging Related Diseases.
Speakers: Prof. ass. Bruno Jesus, Assoc. prof. Artur Slomka, Prof. asoc. Kujtim Thaci and Dr. Leutrim Shabani.



Session 4: NCDs and public health: Current developments and approaches

Speakers: Dr. Sc. Ariana Bytyci Katanolli, Prof. Ass. Dr. Bernard Tahirbegolli, MD. Tefta Isufaj Haliti


Session 5: Mental health: Challenges and interventions

Speakers: Prof. Ass. Dr. Nazmie Ibishi Musliu, Prof. Ass. Dr. Diedon Dorambari, PhD. Cand. Ass. Rina Meha and MA. Thëllëzë Kastrati Kabashi.


Poster presentations



In each session, groundbreaking research and discoveries were unveiled, enriching the collective reservoir of knowledge within the field of health sciences. These invaluable contributions serve as the driving force behind transformative advancements in the realm of health sciences, firmly rooted in innovative and evidence-based methodologies. Our deepest appreciation goes out to all those who played a pivotal role in making the 14th Health Sciences Conference an extraordinary convergence of intellectual prowess. Together, we continue our relentless pursuit of progress in health sciences, charting new frontiers in research and innovation!