28 Feb 2022

Roundtable discussion on “Second phase: COVID- 19!”

On November, 19th, 2020, the Institute of Southeast Europe for Health and Social Policy conducted the 4th roundtable discussion on “The second phase: COVID-19!”, as part of the platform “Kosovo we want,” supported by the German organization Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES). The main goal of this roundtable was to bring together key actors in the health sector from the governmental, private, and opposition spectrums in order to address the current pandemic situation and to see where the Kosovo currently stands with national management capacities for the epidemiological situation. It was discussed regarding the measures that the government is taking against the increase in the number of infections and whether it would be appropriate to have a complete closure or to continue with controlled openings. In this roundtable discussion we had the opportunity to listen closely to the addresses from the Minister of Health Mr. Armend Zemaj, the Executive Director of the Institute of Southeast Europe Dr. Petrit Beqiri, Dr. Talat Gjinolli, Dr. Fatmire Kollçaku Member of the Assembly of Kosovo and Dr. Prof. Naime Brajshori, Rector of Heimerer College.