19 Apr 2022

Roundtable discussion on “Challenges and safety of laboratory workers during the period with Covid-19”

To mark the International Day of Laboratory Medical Sciences, in the framework of the GIZ COVID-19 Project (Sustainable updating and improvement of patient / staff safety and hospital hygiene in Kosovo) a roundtable discussion was organized on the premises of Heimerer College. The topic that was discussed was: Challenges and safety of laboratory workers during the period with Covid-19. The round table was attended by partners from private laboratories, representatives from the Institute of Pathology, Hematology, Transfusion, laboratory technicians from the Department of Emergency and Infectious Diseases from QKUK, students and professors from Heimerer College. This roundtable provided participants with the opportunity to learn more about the significance of laboratory workers, as well as the challenges and adaptations they had to make in the face of the pandemic, given that the focus during the Covid-19 period was more on nurses and doctors, despite the fact that laboratory workers play an important role in diagnosing, monitoring, and healing patients.


As a result of this roundtable, we learned that laboratory workers are needed for each ward with a specific profile, and that their involvement in science by research contributes to their clinical work and professional advancement with the novelty brought by science, which makes us conclude that the market needs the Master Level of Laboratory Medical Sciences. All people who have contributed to the protection of the population’s health deserve honor and appreciation. As a result, we will save and safeguard the memories of all the white-coat employees, physicians, nurses, and laboratory technicians who “battled” the COVID- 19 virus.